Thursday, January 20, 2011

Enjoy the OTB Fun

MJCI Off-track station

          Have you tried to visit one of our OTB located near your area? Off track betting stations are essential to MJCI.  This serves for the bettors as if they were inside the racetrack and gets the date-to-date activities, races announcements, race programs and changes, news and events. This also creates big impact on the revenue of the company. In fact, 93% of MJCI total sales were sold by the OTBs around the countries.  Through the live broadcast feed by San Lazaro Broadcast Network, which aired through our domestic cable channel, these OTBs lets the viewing public to experience the actual events and exciting coverage.
As the offtrack betting stations is getting bigger and wider.  MJCI promotes the experience of dual business in a one establishment.  Not only giving profit to the branch owner but vise versa.
                As we are connecting the various OTB station in the Philippines to MJC from Luzon to Visayas, we should give importance to the representation it brings to the market.  Giving the right promotion, acknowledge and giving the right service to the racing aficionados are essential to be branded as one.
                So let us continue the enjoying the fun of racing, let us continue to support OTB branches near you. You’ll never know where your luck will soon be right in or outside the MJCI OTB station.

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